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EA Affiliate Program


Here's Our Program 411.

Affiliates Receive:

(A) A product of your choice (up to $60 value)

(B) 15% commission $$ from scheduled (+future) sales

(C) 25% Off discount code for your peeps. For their TOTAL purchase! Holla! 

Affiliate Requirements:

1. 48 Hour Scheduled Sale

2. Genuine, personal story share

  • Tag slides: @ellieavenueshop
  • Swipe Ups:

3. 1 Post of Product in hand/home

Steps To Sale:

(YOU): pick the product(s) to receive & share

(EA): send you your products + discount codes (how your commission is tracked).

(Together): schedule your 48 hr. sale and rock it!!

You in? Yay!

6 foot fist pump!! Send Camille "I'm in!" And we'll begin the three Steps to Sale! So excited to have you along!!