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EA Affiliate Program

Welcome EA Affiliate!!  We are so excited to have you here!

We are confident our products will help you and your following fans organize and personalize your homes in a beautiful, meaningful way! 

Just to make sure we "cross the T's and dot the I's", we ask that you please read and agree to the terms below.

As an affiliate you will receive two products of your choice (up to a $100 value)! We will send these to you once you have agreed to the terms below and have given us all info needed for delivery and payment!

As an affiliate we need you to:

1. Schedule a 48 hour SALE date with the EA Affiliate Manager. (Because each product is handmade, we have to space our Affiliate Sales Dates in a way that makes it possible for us to fulfill all orders in a timely manner!)

2. During your sale, please share in your stories for a minimum of 2 minutes. Please share your excitement for the products as you tag @ellieavenueshop on each slide (so we can reshare!) as well as link to www.ellieavenue.com in a swipe up if you have this option. *Please make sure to state that this is an affiliate partnership to keep things legal!

3. An actual post in your feed is not required, but preferred! If you take styled pictures using your EA products in your own home, we would love to feature you on our feed! If you do not wish for us to reshare in our feed or stories, please make sure to mention this to our EA Affiliate Manager. We will assume you are ok with us sharing if you do not give us further instruction.

4. Our Affiliate Manager will give you a discount code specific to your followers. This is how we will track your sales and determine commission! Your discount code will be good for two weeks, however we have found that a call to urgency in your stories produces more sales! (Ex. "Hurry! Sale ends soon!" "Limited Quantities Available, So Act Fast!") If you would like to run another sale, please reach out! We'd love to reschedule and get you a new code! 

  • Discount Code: 35%
  • Affiliate Pay: 15%

5. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Affiliate Manager, either by ending a DM @ellieavenueshop or sending an email to Camille@blossomjournalco.com.

Fun Facts:

*Almost every product made here at Ellie Avenue is Handmade! 

*We use a sweet, UVLED Printer that prints the design straight onto the surface, and the ink is set by a laser so that it is permanent! (No peeling like vinyl!)

*This is an all women based business! (Not on purpose, but it is pretty awesome!) We pride ourselves in equal opportunity and following dreams!

*We are constantly creating new, fun and meaningful products to fill your home.

*We are based in Northern Utah.