Family Classic Task Board

Family Classic Task Board

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“But I emptied the dishwasher yesterday!” Familiar!? Here’s your solution!

No more arguing about who has to do what chore! With your new Family Task Board you’ll be able to set the tasks that need to be done and rotate through which lucky family member gets to do each one! 

Change it up daily, weekly, whatever suits your family best!

Your Dry Erase Pendant board comes measures approximately 11” x 12” and is made of slick white board MDF and pine trim attached to the front.  

The pendant board comes with string attached for hanging which can also easily be taken off if you’d rather set it on a shelf! 

BONUS! We’re throwing in our favorite Dry Erase Mini Pen so you can get started right away!

*PS: Color of wood may vary slightly due to varying monitors and each trim being slightly different themselves.*